Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some great resource websites

Dori and I have been doing some research for places to stay in Costa Rica. we are
leaning towards Manuel Antonio again as we didn't get to do a lot of exploring.

The website is www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/central-america/costa-rica

So I am hoping everyone that wants to go will come along.. check out these photos.

A playful three toe'd sloth..

Places to Stay!!!

Hotel Parador.. So beautiful. website is http://www.hotelparador.com/

Hotel Costa Verde.. LOVE IT! Stayed there a week and there was ZERO issues. Loved it. The people were wonderful. The food at the Anaconda was great! We watched monkeys play all day! While hanging in the lower pool a troupe of Mono Titi came through and played a spirituous round of tackle the monkey. IT was funny. There is nothing like being awaken at 6:00 Am by a troupe of Kapuchen Monkeys jumping off the roof onto palm fronds.

Also, this hotel is known as one of the top 10 "weirdest" hotels in the world. There is an actual 727 plane that is the "penthouse." http://www.costaverde.com/727.html

Using some of the Costa Verde's photos here, just have to share!

Where to Eat while in Manuel Antonio/Quepos area

Agua Azul: Home of the Big Ass Burger. Freaking incredible. The owner is an American and the place has a feel of being back home, but with amazing vistas. I was impressed with the view of the Manuel Antonio area. The food is very inexpensive, Our bill for 2 beers a piece and entrĂ©e for both was $26.00 American. NOT bad. The area is getting smarter to Americans coming down and having a “cheap” vacation, however, it is still nothing like it would be in the States.
The weather was perfect, music amazing, beer cold, and food phenomenal. Recommendations to try, the Big Ass Burger of course, and the Fresh Fish Tacos. Incredible place

Byblos Pizzeria: Another quality restaurant we visited was the . Wow, incredible pizza two times!! you will be sitting around the pool of the hotel, and it is very quaint. There is an American Bar Tender there that is very knowledgeable of the area. We were able to watch the Mono Titi play in the trees. The second time we went there the Howlers were going at it. Very awesome experience, and great food.

Barba Roja: GREAT SUSHI!! The service is not “great” but still, wonderful food. The sunset there was moving! Be sure to get there early as it fills up right before sunset (which if you don’t know is at 6pm on the equator).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so here we go again

well, we have decided to go back to Costa Rica. Year 3 I guess. I am really super excited as it will be a larger group this time. The people who are going are all great people, and I think it will make the trip that more enjoyable. I am starting my own website about the trip. Similar to this name, Beaches and Branches. We will hopefully one day be an one stop shop for everything Costa Rica with advertisers, etc.

So anyway, enjoy the Christmas Season.. Looking forward to the beginning of the New Year and our trip in March


here are some videos from earlier this year.. Photos will come as we progress towards the BIG DAY (March 4th!!)

Spider monkey (A.K.A Mono Titi Monkey) playing

Howler monkeys...

Kapuchen Monkeys playing

Monday, December 7, 2009

Website bought

so we said screw it and bought the URL for Beaches and Branches. So our trip in March will not only be a vacation it will also be a research/business trip. So we are going to do it!!!