Friday, January 17, 2014

Reboot time

Time to reboot the blog and get this thing started again. Its been an eventful year. I have been to Barbados three times. I have been able to visit the entire island see some amazing things. Below are some photos of the three trips. I will hopefully have new followers thanks to a Beaches and Branches Twitter account.  There are several places that you should visit while in Barbados. At the bottom of the blog you will see some of the places I recommend for your visit. 

The map of the beaches of Barbados. I think I have visited over 50%. Below you will get a photo trip of the Beaches of Barbados.

Paynes Bay:

A quiet beach on the west coast. This beach is famous for 1 Sandy Lane. A previously private residence that was recently bought by the Sandy Lane Properties. The house is stunning and has hosted celebrities like Rhianna and Simon Cowel. A stunning beach with amazing sunsets at night 


A rough rocky beach on the East Coast. It is not recommended to swim at this beach. The waves are pretty high and the shore has small rocks. It is one of the most stunning beaches in terms of photography      

Crane Beach:

Stunning waters, and a large soft beach. The waters are typical for a south coast beach. The waves are 5-8 ft and great for surfing. 

The little notch at the bottom of the cliff is perfect for cliff divers and those who are not big daredevils.

     Make the jump!! I dare ya!

Try out Cutters nearby. Great flying fish sandwiches and Rum Punch. 

If you get a chance.. add your name to the wall. Its great when you come back to visit!

Miami Beach:

Is a great place to hang out. There are plenty of shade trees and the water is beautiful. The waves are larger as it is on the south coast but are manageable and fun to swim in. 

Stay tuned!! More to come 

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